LUD - The latest versions of the project Follow all updates to this application List a folder LUD 2.4 - Ability to force parent folder as output folder<br /> - Ability to put a tab as a CSV output text delimiter<br /> - Ability to remove the delimiter on one or more CSV output columns<br /> - Possibility to generate the list in DOC and DOCX format<br /> - Adding the LUD icon to the right-click context menu in Windows when Windows is enabled<br /> - Automatic save of the last output format used<br /> - Fixed a bug that prevented correct column reordering and sometimes caused software errors in XLS / XLSX / CSV output<br /> - Fixed a bug that prevented the selection of the folder to be listed via the context menu of Windows when the "Automatically selected current folder" box was not checked<br /> - Fixed a bug related to the framework present during a double click on one of the checkboxes of the treeview<br /> Sat, 10 Nov 2018 00:00:00 GMT LUD 2.3 - Ability to generate the list in M3U format<br /> - Ability to export the list directly into an ACCESS database<br /> - Ability to export the TXT list directly to the clipboard<br /> - Possibility to modify the text indicator and the CSV output delimiter<br /> - Ability to exclude a folder from the list by right-clicking in the TreeView<br /> - Ability to automatically add to the name of the list: the current date, a unique ID or the name of the file to list<br /> - Option to include or exclude parent / child IDs from JSON output<br /> - XLS / XSLX setting also available as CSV output<br /> - Adding the size of each folder when the weight is enabled<br /> - Replacing or improving some tooltips / errors with an info window<br /> - Debugging the depth of subfolders in a single file list<br /> - Fixed a bug that prevented the capture of unicode characters<br /> - Fixed a bug that prevented saving the name of the output file<br /> - Fixed a slight slowness problem in CSV output<br /> - Proofreading / reorganization / optimization of the entire source code<br /> Wed, 05 Sep 2018 23:41:00 GMT LUD 2.2 - Ability to divide the tree into multiple XLS / XLSX output columns<br /> - Ability to change the order and size of XLS / XLSX output columns<br /> - Ability to disable or rename XLS / XLSX output columns<br /> - Ability to force file size unit to XLS / XLSX output<br /> - Possibility to list also the hard disks and the readers via the right-click contextual menu<br /> - Ability to select the folder to list via a copy / paste<br /> - Ability to set the maximum depth of subfolders to reach<br /> - Ability to display the date of last access / last modification for folders and files<br /> - Ability to sort files in order of last access<br /> - Debug HTML output (search for elements, weight without comma etc.)<br /> - Debug archiving that did not work at CSV output at all<br /> - Debugging archiving that presented some accentuation problems<br /> - Debug the English translation HTM / HTML that remained in French when the source was online<br /> - Debugging sub-folder filtering to CSV, HTM, HTML, and JSON output<br /> - Debugging the treeView design at the margins<br /> - Optimization of the source code generating the XLS / XLSX / TXT outputs<br /> Mon, 16 Jul 2018 11:52:16 GMT LUD 2.1 - Complete redesign of the HTML output (news: search engine, number of automatic element, display of the weight of each folder, position of the navbar at the top or bottom, possibility of adding a title / subtitle etc .. .)<br /> - Possibility of generating the list in JSON format<br /> - Ability to disable tree and schematization of branches for TXT, XLS and XLSX outputs<br /> - Ability to edit the output path manually<br /> - Ability to control the utility via commands applied on the executable<br /> - Improved CSV output that is now independent of Microsoft Office<br /> - Improved detection of the presence of Microsoft Office<br /> - Improved update presence check<br /> - Reorganization of the forms for more specific settings in the chosen format<br /> - Debugging Hyperlinks for XLS Output<br /> Thu, 03 May 2018 19:40:28 GMT LUD 2.0 - Ability to list local network folders<br /> - Ability to view and sort the file modification date<br /> - Ability to list files without their extensions<br /> - Ability to integrate clickable links for WEB / EXCEL output<br /> - Ability to save the EXCEL list in CSV format<br /> - Ability to keep the application open after generation<br /> - Ability to not automatically select the current folder at launch<br /> - Ability to apply a regular expression on files<br /> - Added a debug mode that lists the exceptions encountered<br /> - DPI adjustment that corrects the blur effect during the Windows zoom<br /> - Improved memorization of parameters<br /> - General improvement of all output files<br /> - Improved application design<br /> - General reorganization of the source code and bug fixes of all kinds<br /> Sun, 01 Apr 2018 00:07:58 GMT LUD 1.17 - Reorganization forms and fixes of small bugs<br /> - Window resizable<br /> - Fixed a bug when changing language<br /> - Fixed a bug in the XLS generation in Office 2003<br /> Thu, 19 Jun 2014 14:31:02 GMT LUD 1.16 - Ability to generate the list in XLS/XLSX (Excel)<br /> - Utility now available in English<br /> - Fixed bugs on change extensions in XP<br /> Mon, 19 May 2014 12:26:52 GMT